Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

The second similarity I would like to mention is that these companies sell products that help people learn to develop ESP. In a more direct way of saying, these companies are teaching people to be psychic. If companies are openly teaching people to be psychic, it means that the ESP and psychic phenomena are very real.Even though many of us are not psychic, we can't dismiss the fact that people with psychic abilities exist and that we too can learn to have psychic abilities.

The mind is extremely sophisticated. Perhaps only God and beings of higher dimensions, fully understand the capacity and capability of the human mind. If the human body can be conditioned and trained to perform a one inch punch or break a piece of metal with the head without injuries ( Ouch! ), or even produce electricity by using Chi, the mind too can be conditioned and trained to reach different states for different purposes and that we too can learn to develop extrasensory perception.