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WILL GIVE BRAINLIST! i need someone to write a summary on this quick please worth 30 pointsRead The Ins and Outs of Bellybutton Lint, by Joel Guthrie. Using the steps discussed in this lesson, write a one-paragraph summary in the text box that follows the article. The Ins and Outs of Bellybutton Lint, by Joel Guthrie Some scientists gaze into outer space to look for answers. Some scientists seek answers in the depths of the sea. When Georg Steinhauser wanted answers, he looked within himself. Well, he looked within his bellybutton to be exact. The Austrian chemist spent three years researching the contents of his navel and the navels of others. He has solved one of lifes greatest mysteries. We now know exactly what bellybutton lint contains! Steinhauser presented his findings in the online version of the journal Medical Hypotheses. The Vienna University scientist analyzed over 500 samples to determine the exact makeup of the lint. As suspected, most of the lint was made up of cotton from clothing. The fabric pieces are not alone, though. Steinhauser found that the average bellybutton also contained pieces of dead skin, sweat, dust, and fat. Steinhausers notes also explained how lint accumulates. Stomach hairs tend to grow in a circular pattern around the bellybutton. The hairs act like small hooks, capturing and holding contents within. Shaving stomach hair can lead to a lint-free bellybutton, but dont act too hastily. Although the contents of your navel may be a nuisance, research suggests that lint has a purpose. It is natures way of protecting your bellybutton from germs and unwanted objects