Published 11.05.2018 on subject English by Guest

The ocean tide
As it passes by
Trying to get to the sand
But is pulled back from land
And i sit there and wonder
Its such a fickle thing
The way is carelessly sways
Forward and backwards
In the never ending way
Some days its higher
Others its lower
Vanishing the footprints in the sand
Giving seashells to kids who pass by
The ocean tide
It pulls in many things
But brings out more
To bottle caps
To scraps
To bottled notes
To pieces of boats
Its very mysterious
This ocean tide
Where the kids play
Carelesley Building sand castles
Near the ocean tide
Having them taking away
they could never have stayed
Around the ocean tide
The waves form like a tiny tsunami
Forming marks in the sand
Like a beautiful painting
On this land
The ocean tide may be mysterious
But in a beautiful delirious way.

Answered by Guest

The three are Simile, Metaphor, and Personification. Simile is defined with “like” or “as”. Metaphor is describing something with no “like” or “as” and Personification is subjects with human capabilities.