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In the following table, items are listed that might appear in a literary critique. In the first column are the major points; in the second column are minor points to be used in support of the major ideas. Use them to write an outline in standard outline form. Use two subpoints under each main point. You will then have the basis for a sample outline that will help you in planning your own literary critique. Note: This story is about a young man visiting a Western dude ranch. Main points Subpoints Weaknesses in the story Reader who enjoys stories about animals Summary of the plot Idea that horses are intelligent Recommendations to readers Illogical plot Identification of the setting Delightful characters Strengths in the story Harry Jones Authors purpose Entertainment for the reader Examples of writing styles Exciting events Identification of characters Humorous quotations Figures of speech used Old Paint, the horse Dude ranch Present time Incidents Climax Light reading Errors in facts about the West