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What do you understand by history

Answered by Guest

We understand how life was like in the old ages.
We understand how things were invented and used.
We understand the few rights that people had in the past.
We understand what things were most important to the people other than money (or when money was not invented, how did they buy goods)
We understand how people made a living when there were no jobs.
We understand how people used to live in the past, what kind of houses they lived in, and what were they made of due to the lack of resources.
We understand how and when things started to change, and why people started to invent things (for what purpose and how are those inventions used in todays world).
Today we look at things and say "This made my life easier...I wonder how I would be able to do stuff without this...I wonder how this works" Do you ever ask yourself, "who made that and why did he/she make that" people in the past were much more intelligent that people nowadays. Most things that we use today were made my them.
Is that enough xD?