Published 11.05.2018 on subject History by Guest

Read this excerpt from Joseph Stalins radio broadcast on July 3, 1941:

History shows that there are no invincible armies, and never have been. Napoleons army was considered invincible, but it was beaten successively by Russian, English and German Armies. Kaiser Wilhelms German Army in the period of the first imperialist war was also considered invincible, but it was beaten several times by Russian and Anglo-French troops, and was finally smashed by the Anglo-French forces.
Which statement is the most reasonable inference about one of the underlying meanings of this excerpt?
A. Unstoppable armies are a fact of history and must be accepted.
B. Russia is facing a seemingly unstoppable army but will be victorious.
C. Russia has defeated seemingly unstoppable armies in the past.
D. Russia is repeating events from its history that it vowed not to repeat.