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What was significant about the Tokyo and Nuremberg Trials?

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One thing of interest at the Nuremberg Trials was its impact on the US and its eugenics programs.

The Progressives in the United Stated had launched a Eugenics program in the 1800s which was championed by the Democratic Party. This program called for the sterilization of women who might not produce offspring "suitable" to live among us. This included Jews, Blacks, Italians and the disabled. California was the most villainous state. This program was still going strong after WWII.

But at the Nuremberg Trials, when the nazis were being villified for their exterminations of certain races, they merely cited the US Eugenics programs as their role models. Shortly after that, the programs were ended in the US, and the history of the program was removed from school textbooks as if it never happened.

Fortunately, we have the Internet, and you can look up the history of Eugenics and understand why so-called Progressives are villified by the majority of Americans. hope this helped