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Emerson earns money from walking dogs and answering surveys. He earns $5 a week for each dog he walks and $0.10 for each survey he answers. Last week, Emerson answered 100 surveys and earned $35. Part A: Create an equation that will determine the number of dogs he walked. (3 points) Part B: Solve this equation justifying each step with an algebraic property of equality. (6 points) Part C: How many dogs did Emerson walk last week? (1 point)

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Part A: X=(35-(100*0.10))/5  35= 5X+(100*0.10)
Where X is the number of dogs he walked.

Part B: To solve the equation just simplify it by using inverse operations. It should give you 5 dogs walked. The algebraic property justifying this is inverse operations.

Part C: Emerson walked 5 dogs last week.

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How to you solve to that equation to get the 5 dogs he walked